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This next step will insure that you drill the holes in the right spot.  Flip the davit upside down so that it will appear as if you are mounting it on the top of the deck be sure to apply masking tape on top deck to prevent from scratching it. Allow inch of clearance on the face of the platform so that the davit will not rub.

Cradle  arms should now be mounted on the davit. They are directional (refer to drawing).

You are now ready to adjust the davit in the slotted sections of the angle.  It should be level and at the lowest point possible but the cradle arms must have clearance to not contact upper platform; we suggest inch of clearance.  Once all hardware is tight and secured, you have successfully installed the davit in place.

Now that the davit is secured and in place, you are ready to load up your tender.  Follow these next steps to insure proper and secure loading is completed.  You will notice that there is a detent pin attached to the davit with a small cable. While loading your tender and under way, it should be placed in the aluminum arm as shown in images.  While loading you tender is will allow the arm to pivot 45 deg, so that you can slide your tender up on to the davits.  Once your tender is up and horizontal we suggest securing your tender to the transom with (rope) , the davit has holes on the outer sides of the arms; we suggest you attach a (rope) and wrap it around your tender to secure your tender to the davit system, the ropes are  handy to retrieve your davit system when it is stored under water,

Well you have now arrived at your destination. You untied the tender from the davit and tipped it back into the water.  The next step is to remove the detent pin and rotate the cradle arm so the pin locks into place.  Hold onto one end of the suggested tie down ropes that is attached to the end or the davit cradle arm reach down and pull the release pin, your davit will swing under your platform. Hook the (rope) to the hole in aluminum sport this will make retrieving the system easy, by simply pulling it back up with the rope when needed.  The lock pin will automatically snap itself into the support arm.  Its that easy !

In your kit you will see that there are four smooth head diameter bolts provided.  , we recommend using marine grade sealant under head of the bolts to prevent water from entering the core of your platform .  This will also go for underneath the platform were the angles will contact under the platform.

This operation will allow you use the angle brackets to guide your drill and transfer the hole pattern from upper side or the platform.  You can then proceed to drill one hole. Once you have one hole drilled drop bolt through it to secure it in place,  repeat this step for other holes. Once all four holes are drilled you will be ready to bolt your davit under the platform.


Your Davit kit will arrive pre-assembled and ready to install. Installation is easy and simple.   The next steps are good guidelines to follow and will help you have a perfect installation.

First step is to decide how far apart to space your davit system.  To do this the tender being used should be measured: we suggest 5 from transom and 5 inches in from end of bow roll.

Now that you have an approximate measurement, map it under your platform making sure there is no interference with swim ladder or any other existing features on or under your platform.  The angle provided with the kit is slotted to allow for thinner and thicker section in your platform structure. Dry fit the davit under your platform to insure everything lines up and will mount properly.  Once a location is chosen use masking tape or a washable marker to mark center of davit on the upper side of platform. 

Safety notes:

1. When you pull your davit system up,  look at the lock pin knob to insure that is locked in.

2. Do not raise or lower your outdrives while the davit is under water.

3. Do not drive the boat with your davit system under water at any speeds.